This weekend, I was lucky to have the chance to go home for a few days. It was just the break I needed from the stress of school, work, people, and myself. I was able to mend and strengthen relationships with family and friends. There were tears, honest conversations, and a ton of hugs. Part […]

Asking For Help

A week ago, I talked about PTSD being a fight that is often faced alone. While I do not wish to retract that statement, I would like to clarify that it is okay to ask for help. Within hours of posting “A Solitary Fight” I suffered a relapse more severe than any that have come […]


 I mentioned triggers in my first post. They are the earthquakes that sends the waves rolling in. To be perfectly honest, I have yet to identify all of my triggers. Sometimes, I can’t even come close to identifying what set me off. The episode can seem random. However, I know that by working to understand […]

A Solitary Fight

This is one battle that you cannot ask others to fight for you. You can have allies, but they cannot see the enemy. It puts them at a significant disadvantage. I have seen several of my relationships be destroyed by the war happening in my head. It is beyond frustrating when all I want to […]

In All Honesty

What is PTSD like? That is a question with an answer as broad as the ocean. But that’s where I’ll start – with the ocean. You see, PTSD isn’t something that always occupies your mind. It comes in waves. The sea can be completely calm and then suddenly you look up to see this massive […]