Sometimes, I look at my arms and I feel nothing but shame – and then there are days like today in which I take pride in them. This does not mean that I am happy that in the past I turned to self-harm as a coping mechanism. If I could turn back time and take […]


  Mental illness is, most of the time, a deal breaker in relationships when one person is incapable of understanding. It’s not even necessarily that they need to comprehend exactly what is happening, but they do need to understand that they don’t understand – and they need to be okay with that. That goes for both parties […]

Body & Mind

Today, we’re going to talk about something a little different. Kate recently asked me if I might be willing to answer some questions she has received on her blog Baby Steps My Dear. I agreed somewhat hesitantly as I was unsure as to how I could help. I have empathy for a lot of scenarios, […]

The Current

We’ve talked a lot about the major episodes. They are terrible, but I’m hesitant to say that they are the worst part, because the underlying stuff sucks too. That underlying stuff happens to be anxiety – and that, unlike the big waves, is always hanging around. The sea is never really calm, is it? It’s always moving, churning […]