Support System

I cannot even begin to express the importance of having a support system when dealing with mental illness. Whether that system consists of family, friends, doctors, therapists, etc., it is vital to recovery and survival. Over the course of two days, I lost my boyfriend, and two of my best friends. I was put on […]

It’s Not Your Fault

This weekend has been the hardest three days thus far in my recovery process. I cannot even begin to explain how badly I have been hurting. What really stings is that my struggle destroyed two very important relationships in my life and I don’t know if I will ever get them back. The thing is, […]

Relapse is Part of Recovery

┬áJust about everyone with a mental illness has some form of breakdown or spiral before diagnosis. Once diagnosed, a treatment plan is put into action. The following process is called recovery. Just like drugs, habits and behaviors preceding medical care are addictions. They are ingrained into the mind and the body. True recovery requires a […]