FullSizeRender-5We talk a lot about weaknesses, don’t we? I think it’s time we talk about strengths.

To my dear friend, the fact that you woke up today makes you strong. The fact that you reached out for help makes you strong. Your perseverance in the face of so much adversity proves that you have strength beyond measure.

There is so much negative in this world that we could dwell on. Those who are afflicted with both physical and mental illnesses know all too well how easy it is to get wrapped up in the pain. However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel – and if you’re still breathing, you’re still walking toward it.

Society would tell you that being sick makes you weak. People walk on broken glass around you or pity your circumstance. Whether you are caught up in physical ailments, mental illness, injury, or even just heartbreak, the fact that you are still a member of personhood means a lot. There are those who cannot see what your existence emulates – and this, without a doubt, is strength.

A lot of people eye the scars on my arms and make assumptions. They develop their own opinions based on their own connotations of self-harm and mental illness. I say the word bipolar and they wonder if I might flip a switch and go insane. I admit to having PTSD and OCD and suddenly I am treated with kid gloves. Society doesn’t see the muscles flexing in my mind every day as I push forward. People see only what they want to see – but the truth is, I am the same person whether my scars are covered or not. I am the same person whether they know I am sick or not.

I am strong – and so are you.

We are all survivors in our own right. Everyone is fighting a battle whether it is visible or not. She hates her body, he feels stupid, that man has cancer, that woman lost her child, those people are losing everything they own – the list goes on and on. Everyone single person on this planet is struggling in some form, and that makes you, me, and everyone else a survivor.

I just want to shine a light on the strength that the human race possesses. We spend so much time judging, arguing, and wallowing that we miss the rays of light peeking through the darkness. We waste precious hours picking at weaknesses instead of praising strengths. This world is so incredible, though. We have and can accomplish so much.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t know exactly what is you are dealing with. However, I do know that because you got out of bed and faced the world today, you are my hero. It is so hard, isn’t it? Some days, you feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope and just want to let go. The fact that you haven’t yet is exactly what makes you strong. You are such a miracle.

Let’s keep going together. Let’s survive another day. Let’s take on the world.

Head above water, my dear. Always.


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