images-2I am scarred in more ways than one. That just means I have healed many time overs, in many different ways.

There are the scars on my arms. There are the scars of trauma in my mind. There are scars in my airways from illness. These are all things I once feared would never heal, and yet they have. I still bleed from fresh wounds, but I know that these, too, will heal.

You may be struggling to patch up wounds of your own. They may be self-inflicted or circumstantial or by the hands of others. However they came to be, I want you to know that they will close. The ache will not last forever. What is so fortunate about PTSD is that it doesn’t have to last forever. It runs its course, we seek out help, and then it heals just like any other wound.

To those marked by self-inflicted scars, I would implore you to not be ashamed. They are typically not associated with suicidal ideation, but an expression of pain that needs to be released. Some find their relief in food, in activity, in isolation, in drinking, etc. You found yours in an act that has adopted a very poor stigma. Society claims this is an act performed only by crazy people and supposedly misunderstood teenagers. I would never advocate this practice in any way, but I do understand. Those scars heal, that pain passes, and we move forward from there.

To those marked up by circumstances beyond their control, know that we all face trials in this life. It is the nature of the universe that we are tried and tested. You may feel that you cannot move past what has become of you and your life. You may feel that these scars are forever manifestations of circumstances that can never change. This thinking is wrong. You can and will heal if you just allow yourself to.

To those scarred by the hands of others, I just want to say that I am sorry, On behalf of the entirety of the human race, I would like to apologize that one or many of us have failed you. No matter who you are, you are certainly not deserving of whatever abuse you have encountered. This may have been physical or psychological. Whatever those hands or lips inflicted upon you, do not allow it to rule your life. Nurse the wounds, give them time to heal. Live, and wear your scars with pride. They mean you survived.

We are all victims in some form – that does not been we should victimize ourselves. Healing is the only step to take after harm because the other option shouldn’t be an option at all. Do not be ruled by the damage. Heal. Heal with me.

I love you, and I know that you can survive this. Hold on. Keep kicking. Head above water.


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