Define: Crazy


I spend a lot of time running around my own head shouting the word crazy. Most of us have those moments – those brief pauses when we ask ourselves if we’re losing our minds.

Some of us have those moments every day.

I’ve spent most of this year questioning myself and the mind I once thought I understood. I’ve fought to keep myself sane – and that’s where I made my mistake. I’m not insane, I’m just sick, and that means I need to give myself some mercy. That means you – yes, you, the one that’s been beating yourself up for anything and everything – need to be gentle with yourself, too.

I believed, for a long time, that sickness is selfish – and it can be, to an extent. It just depends on how it is managed. You can’t use it as an excuse to opt out of life. You have to be mindful of how you cope. However, just being sick doesn’t make you selfish.

It certainly does not make you crazy.

There is a stigma surrounding mental illness. Words like crazy, psychotic, bipolar, and OCD are thrown around as common slang. Those with the actual conditions are viewed as societal pariahs. We don’t fit into the common mold. We’re viewed as crazy.

But what does crazy mean in this world, anyway?

We’re all messed up in our own way. We all have issues. It is the ones with medical labels, however, that get the negative spotlight. Let me just say one thing – those of us who are sick, we are not crazy. So stop calling us that, stop throwing those terms around, and don’t define a person by their illness.

Also, don’t allow yourself to become your condition. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by it. When the battle is constant, when your mind is a playground for unmanaged thoughts and chaotic emotion, it is difficult to not be consumed by it – but you should know that you are more than the disorder. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are crazy when it’s out of your control.

The definition of crazy? It doesn’t apply to people.

Remember, keep your head above water – always, always, always.



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