To the Ones I Love


To those I love,

        I’m sorry. I hope you know that I’m trying. Sometimes, I’ll fall short, but I promise that there is still some good left in me. This year has been very close to hell for me. I’ve lost a lot – and I think part of that included my mind for some time. I’ve also gained a lot, though, and I don’t want to forget or lose sight of that. One of you always reminds me that there is good left in this world; you always tell me to look beyond this small moment in time and remember the big picture. You’re right, and I’m sorry I struggle to listen sometimes.

To my friends,

Thank you. Thank you for chasing me down the street, for holding me, for standing by me, and for refusing to let me go. I know I pull away a lot – I insist that I can handle everything on my own. You know me, though, and you know that I can’t do this without support – and you give me that support unconditionally. I hardly believe that I deserve that, but I will not take you for granted. God gave me you because He knew I would need you, and I will never be able to express my gratitude enough. You are more than friends to me; you are family.

To my family,

 I love you. I know I’ve scared you. There have been times when you’ve thought you might lose me. To be honest, there were times when you could have – but your love is what kept me anchored. It is what pulled me back from those moments of complete despair and gave me a reason to continue. So, thank you. Thank you for fighting for me, even if it required fighting me. I could have never gotten this far without your relentless efforts. I would go to hell and back with you – but I think we may have already.

To you,

I hope you know who you are. You are the one who held my hand, who pushed me, who held me, and who fought to keep me with you. You are the one who listened to my secrets and put up with my tears. I want you to know how much I love you, even if we lose patience with one another. Sometimes, we hurt each other. Sometimes, we laugh without a care in the world. No matter which end of the spectrum we’re on, know that I will always be here for you. I’ll write you while you’re gone, and I’ll love you from a distance. Never forget how much you mean to our little family.




3 thoughts on “To the Ones I Love

  1. Love you so, so, so much, Em. ❤️ You’re such a blessing in my life and have made it so much better since I met you last year. I’ve never been as close to anyone in my life to really open up about everything in my life, but that changed the moment we became friends…sisters. I love you, always. ❤️


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