clickThis is a battle unlike any other, and if you are fighting it, I promise you are not alone.

That is the greatest promise I’ve ever received and it is the only one I can give you in return.

You may not think depression is common, but according to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, depression affects 14.8 million American adults in a given year. We are surrounded by people fighting this terrible fight – you may be one of those people. If you are, I hope you know there is hope even in this darkest hour.

My first bout of depression nearly took my life. I, like so many others, was unprepared for crippling force that is this disorder. It blinds you from all of the light in the room, takes away your reason for living, strains important relationships. It does all it can to take away who you are and who you can become. There are some who would tell you that you can think your way out of it, but you and I both know this is impossible. It takes time, and that time is not easy.

sad girl on the windowsill looking out the window

My only advice to you is to keep going. Remember that you are not alone and find some hope to cling to. Don’t forget that the sun always rises. This night does not last forever. I love you and I know that you can survive this. I know because I did – and if I can do it, you can do it. You’ve made it this far. Don’t you know how strong you are?

Remember, keep your head above water. The sun is coming up. Just watch for it.


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