Don’t Be Ashamed

They’ll make you feel guilty for it. For the scars, for the depression, for the anxiety, for the mood swings – for all of it. Very few people understand how mental illness and the mental health field works. It scares people and that, above all things, makes me very angry. I mean, I understand to […]

To You

You know who you are, because you saved my life. You helped me see the truth of my illness, helped me to accept it, and got me into treatment. You held me while I cried – over and over again you wiped away my tears and promised me that this would pass. You swore I […]


If you’re struggling and you think you can do it on your own, you’re probably lying to yourself. I spent almost five years convinced that I was “handling it” – and holy crap was I wrong. I had a conversation with my psychologist this week about how I learned to survive everything with certain defense mechanisms. He […]