To You

You know who you are, because you saved my life.

You helped me see the truth of my illness, helped me to accept it, and got me into treatment. You held me while I cried – over and over again you wiped away my tears and promised me that this would pass. You swore I wasn’t crazy, no matter how far off my mind drifted. You walked me through the medications and how to manage them. You wiped the blood off my arm and bandaged it. You saved me.

I can’t thank you enough for every patient hour spent on the bathroom floor, even if your palms were sweating. There are no words for the way you held me up when I had no family to turn to. You were my family when I needed one most. I’ll never forget the nights we laughed and cried and yelled at each other.

We haven’t talked in months. That’s okay. I understand that moving on was best. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re finding all the happiness you deserve. The last time we saw each other, everything was wrong. I’m not sure if we’ll ever make it right. I just wanted to say thank you, because you deserve more than that. You saved me – and I will never forget that. I promise.

Love you.



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