And that is good.


Today, I am alive and that is good.

I may not be grateful for it every second. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have to be. It’s kind of impossible to be, really, for anyone in this world.

But, today, I am alive and that is good.

I may not be happy for it every second. Truly, I don’t even choose to be happy about it a lot. Sometimes, I wish for the peace and quiet I’ve felt enveloping me at the edges of death and long to go back to that silence just to escape the noise in my head.

No, I repeat, today, I am alive and that is good.

Sometimes, the fear of everything more that could go wrong wraps me up in its arms and whispers about the past. I cry and it’s so hard.

Still, today, I am alive and that is good.

Today, I saw old friends. I interviewed for a counseling job. I bought a new ring (and earrings, so sue me). I listened to good music. I saw my brother and sister-in-law. I played the piano. I wrote music. I laughed. I loved and I felt loved.

Today, I lived and it was so good.

Tomorrow, I want to continue living and making it even better.

The old man in the hospital told me to take care of my life.

I am trying to now, sir. I am.

My head is safely above water water today and that is good.


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