The Basics

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I have a dog, 4 mental illnesses, and a blog.

I also work in the field of psychiatry and spend my downtime with headphones on and music blaring. I’m not hugely a people-person, but I like to write and to help people, so…come on in. Poke around, quietly heckle, etc. Just remember that these words are terribly human and flawed and based on my own experience. So, don’t take anything to heart unless you really want to.


5 thoughts on “The Basics

  1. My name is Grace and after reading your blog and I am very interested in speaking with you. I am doing some research for a Final Year Project at Keele University and would love to feature your blog in this research. If you could contact me, that would be amazing!

    I look forward to hearing from you.


      • I am looking at how people experience self harming behaviours and thought that your blog would be amazing for it. I would essentially be taking extracts from you blog and analysing it and comparing it with other bloggers. I think it’s a subject that really needs more awareness and consideration as it’s so prevalent in today’s society.
        If you’d like to hear more you can email me at 🙂


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