I Will Not Apologize

I will not say that I am sorry for attempting suicide. I will not apologize for having bipolar disorder, OCD, BPD, or PTSD. I will not be the one to apologize for being sexually abused and assaulted. I will not say that I am sorry that you missed all of this, when it was happening right under […]

Relapse is Part of Recovery

 Just about everyone with a mental illness has some form of breakdown or spiral before diagnosis. Once diagnosed, a treatment plan is put into action. The following process is called recovery. Just like drugs, habits and behaviors preceding medical care are addictions. They are ingrained into the mind and the body. True recovery requires a […]


  Mental illness is, most of the time, a deal breaker in relationships when one person is incapable of understanding. It’s not even necessarily that they need to comprehend exactly what is happening, but they do need to understand that they don’t understand – and they need to be okay with that. That goes for both parties […]

Body & Mind

Today, we’re going to talk about something a little different. Kate recently asked me if I might be willing to answer some questions she has received on her blog Baby Steps My Dear. I agreed somewhat hesitantly as I was unsure as to how I could help. I have empathy for a lot of scenarios, […]